The Hoxton Hotel, London

The first collection was exhibited at The Hoxton, for four months, receiving extremely positive feedback and becoming the most successful one in the hotel's history.

Creative Debuts

The Ostrich was one of the first pieces, creative debuts decided to launch their print store with. The art is available as a 50x50 print and exhibited regularly at the Creative Debuts First Thursdays events.

Donna Fügassa

A special edition of animals eating junkfood - The Pokénoms - chubby Pokémons eating junkfood, was exhibited at a popular itallian Cafe on Dalston Square, receiving very positive customer feedback.


I'm Vanessa, an art director with a thirst for illustration and a passion for fresh and healthy food.

One hangover morning, as I was trying pretty hard not to give in to the temptation of unhealthy fast food, it suddenly hit me. What if animals ate junk food too?... There I was. I started the Animals Eating Junk Food project that day and, funnily enough, this has become my favourite thing to do on hangover days.

I draw with black charcoal pencil, then colour each food digitally. 

Is there an animal eating junk food that you didn't find here? E-mail your suggestion to and I'll see what I can do...

Enjoy, V :)